Morris Art Studio
1250 S Highland Ave
Clearwater, FL, USA 33756
(727) 466-6191
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Original & Commissioned Artwork

We create and sell original artwork in addition to accepting commissioned work from customers.  Ask us about portraits or paintings from your photographs, for example.

You can browse our Gallery page for examples of our work.

Please note that we do not display or sell other artists' work - on commission or otherwise.

Private & Group Lessons

We provide individual and small-group lessons in drawing and painting using various media.  There are classes for beginners and beyond.  If you are interested, we can get you started or help you progress.

Frames, Framing & Art Supplies

We carry and can order ready-made frames in various styles and sizes for your artwork, photos, or documents.  Call or visit for quotes.

And, of course, we carry art supplies - both for our students and for walk-in customers.